‘Cook with Shine’ on sale now!

We love to celebrate stories of when light shines in the darkness and good can come out of challenging times. That is the story of ‘Cook with Shine’ born out of our first lockdown experience.

Shine West Bowling takes food given by businesses and supermarkets via Storehouse and makes sure it gets to the families that need it. During the Coronavirus lockdown, schools were closed and families were having to cook and eat at home each day. The recipes contained in ‘Cook with Shine’ were created by Linda Baines, Shine Trustee, to make the best use of the food boxes and give ideas for cheap and and healthy family meals. One family said:

‘Shine has changed meal times dramatically for me, and my three children. Before I was only feeding my children bits and bats I could find, now I make them and me proper meals from scratch.’

In this booklet we celebrate the community of SHINE in all the creative and wonderful ways they share life together. You will find writing from the members of the Well Words group: photos from the garden around St Stephen’s; images from Creative Threads, the art and craft group, including linocuts made during lockdown.

You can buy your very own copy today and by doing so will be supporting the future work of Shine.

It is £5.99 or 2 for £10 if collected.
Buy online at shinewestbowling.org.uk/shop

Maybe it’s a good Christmas gift too!

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