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Building and Bookings Coordination

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The need

On our site in BD5 we have a 19 Century church building with multiple rooms and a community hall with 3 areas that are used by community groups and the public.

We don’t have capacity to; “keep-on-top” of logging, organising and checking repairs, or taking and fulfilling all booking the booking requests we get.  We do however have a bank of volunteers and church members who live nearby who may be used to support this work.

Tasks Involved

  • Taking and approving bookings (calls, emails)
  • Recording booking information in calendar
  • Managing booking payments
  • Coordinating opening and locking up for bookings
  • Being responsible for an inspection the whole site monthly
  • Recording repairs, Prioritising repairs, Coordinating/confirming repairs

Qualities Needed


Able to plan their own workload

Good communication

Able to priortise tasks, make lists, set up systems

Good IT skills (Use of spreadsheets and online calendars)

Confident on the phone

Sensitivity working with different faiths

Qualities Desirable 

Can undertake DIY tasks

An active Christian faith


The person would initially be self-employed (not employed) and report to the Standing Committee of the church.

Work expected

£250 to have site inspected monthly for repairs/safety/security risks, log them and co-ordinate the repair/solution (after approval from Standing Committee)

Receive bookings, be responsible for booking payments, coordinate opening and closing of booked venue. 

15% of booking fee + £20 per booking that requires visiting of site.


As the work is freelance, we will pay on invoice within 14 days.

We will automatically renew the work agreement monthly unless we feel the work isn’t being completed to a good standard.

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Please include any references and any information of any related previous work you have done

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