Sunday Notices – 25 October

Hi everyone, 

Today we celebrated ‘Bible Sunday’ and thought about the Bible being alive and active in our lives. You can catch up here:

If you want to try reading the Bible this week, I said I’d send the ideas from the Prayer and Worship at Home booklet around again – the pages about Bible reading are attached! Don’t forget you can listen too, if you prefer not to read – try Bible Gateway, where you can select the passage you want (try starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke or John if you’re not sure where to begin) and it will read it to you

The notices for this week are below. 

24/7 Prayer Week starting next Sunday

We are going to try to fill 24 hours for 7 days with prayer (for anyone who witnessed me trying to do maths in the service, the calculator tells me that’s 168 hours!). Do you have ideas of what we could pray for or how we could pray or what could go in prayer packs? Send them to Molly, or contact me and I’ll put you in touch!Can you sign up for one hour, or a few hours, or maybe even an hour a day? Could you do it with someone else on the phone or on Zoom or on a socially distanced walk? Sign up for your slot(s) using this link

Worship evening 6-6.45pm next Sunday at St Stephen’s 

Our worship evening will be in person again this month, all welcome to come and worship (without singing) and pray in the church space, seated in household bubbles, with creative prayer packs. This will launch our 24/7 prayer. 

APCMs and elections

St Stephen’s meeting is 3rd November at 7.30pm, St Matthew’s meeting is 9th November 2pm. These will be in church – though if you prefer to join via Zoom that will be an option too. We will need to elect churchwardens, PCC members, and diocesan synod reps – if you want nomination forms and can’t find the link in previous emails, let me know. Nominations need to be back by 31st October please, you can send them by email or bring them to church on Sunday. 

Light Party bags

Because we can’t do our usual Light Party and invite lots of families to come and join us in church, we’re delivering bags of crafts, sweets, and a gospel message to people we’re connected with all over the community, and putting content online for them to join in with. Please pray for the families who will receive bags, and if you’re interested in getting some bags for your neighbours, contact Adam (or email me). Thanks to Adam for working so hard on this.

Thanks to Tracey for sharing NHS ‘Keep Safe’ bear with us today! Do continue to pray for one another, keep in touch, and follow the guidance to keep one another safe this week. 


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