New Church Structure

We want St Stephen’s to be a loving and active church that invites more and more people to become part of the community. So we’ve been working on a creating a structure for St Stephens.

There are a lot of different jobs and roles that are needed to make church hold together well: from putting out the chairs in the morning to making sure our safeguarding is working well.

It’s not always been clear who’s doing what or how the roles relate to each another, but this new structure shows clearer lines of authority so everyone knows who to go to get support and answers.

We are hoping this will make serving in church much easier and create opportunities for everyone to grow. It also means more people can be invited to be involved in the life and running of St Stephen’s.

Below you can see an overview of the roles and how they fit together. In time, we will be displaying this in church, with pictures of all the people who are on it so you’ll know who’s who.

So do you want to be part of it?! This new structure introduces a number of new positions that are needed in church as we grow and look to better support and disciple people.

Maybe you’ve been around church for a while but want to get more involved? Maybe there’s an area you’re really interested in – prayer team, or welcoming people? Or maybe you’re quite new to church and you want to find a way to get to know people? Being part of a team is a great way to do that. Just get in touch with Luke by emailing or chatting to Jimmy or Luke at church.

These are some of the specific roles that we need (click to download the Role Descriptions):

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